(European Commission within Cross-border programme Croatia-Serbia, Jun 2013 – May 2014)

Main objective of this project is to raise awareness of youth in multicultural cross-border regions in Serbia and Croatia about the effects of growing popularity of extreme right-wing organizations as well as increasing capacities of young representatives of social, political and media organizations in order to address this worrying trend.

Novi Sad School of Journalism is a project carrier while Nansen Dialogue Center Osijek, Croatia is a partner in implementation of the project.

Within the first phase of the project the participants were trained to perform Media monitoring and IN-Depth interviews which resulted in 10 quantitative and qualitative media monitoring reports and 14 interviews with representatives of the media, political parties and academics dealing with these subjects.

In the second phase of the project 14 young representatives of the political parties will join the participants from the first phase, with whom they will, after the series of joint meetings, create a Recommendation plan for further work of youth activists and slowing the growing problem of right-wing extremism.

During the project implementation the website odaberipravo.org was created, which serves as a unique medium where all reports, interviews, recommendations as well as all media outputs (articles, short documentary etc.) created during the implementation of the project, will be published.

Project coordinator from NSSJ: Jelena Jovović, jelena@novinarska-skola.org.rs

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