What are the parties offering and whom the media choose in 2014?

(Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Media; February – Jun 2014)

Just like in previous years, the Novi Sad School of Journalism is conducting a media monitoring during the pre-election campaign.

Media monitoring is one of the best tools for measuring the level of respecting the social role and professionalism of media, especially during the pre-election campaign which is the most sensitive and most critical period where influence of the media is huge because it can easily make an impact to the results of the elections thus the whole political, social and economical course the state will take on in the next four years.

Except the traditional electronic media from the territory of Vojvodina, this time we analyze the web-pages of political parties that handed in the candidate lists as well as the print media from the territory of Serbia with the support of Njuz.org organization.

The project is supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Media.

Project coordinator from NSSJ: Marina Grnja, marina@novinarska-skola.org.rs.

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