Day in your shoes

(U.S. Embassy Belgrade, September – December 2012)

In 2012 Novi Sad School of Journalism has, for the third time, implemented “Day in your shoes” project. The goal of this project was to, by education and training of young journalists and joint media production of journalism students and students with disabilities sensitize and awaken society about the needs and problems that youth with disabilities are facing daily.

The project has been implemented in two phases. During the first, educative phase, students gained theoretical and practical knowledge about the rights and status of people with disabilities, as well as about proper and ethical reporting on this subject. Within this seminar a role play workshop was held where the future journalists have had the opportunity to experience situations that people with disabilities have to face in their everyday life.

At the production phase 6 five minutes TV reports and 1 fifteen minutes TV documentary have been produced which illustrate status and problems of persons with disabilities in Serbia. All media outputs were broadcasted on 14 local and regional TV stations and web portals: Novosadska TV, Novi Sad, TV Panonija – Novi Sad, RTV VK- Kikinda, TV Bačka – Vrbas, TV Banat – Vršac, Rubin TV – Kikinda, TV BAP – Bačka Palanka, TV Belleamie – Niš, Sremska TV – Sremska Mitrovica, RTV Vojvodine – Novi Sad, TV K25 – Odžaci, Studentski dnevni list – Niš, Juzne vesti – Leskovac, Nis, Pirot, Prokuplje, Vranje, Univerzitetski odjek – Novi Sad.

Project coordinator from NSSJ: Jelena Jovović,

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