Day in your shoes

(Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, July – December 2013)

In 2013 the Novi Sad School of Journalism (NSSJ) won the ERSTE Foundation special jury award for Social Integration. The Award for Social Integration honors outstanding social projects that show high quality, innovation and sustainability. NSSJ won an award for a project entitled “Day in your shoes.”

In 2013 Novi Sad School of Journalism has, for the fourth time, implemented the “Day in your shoes” project. The main objective of this project was the development and further strengthening of the sensibility of the public regarding the problems of persons with disabilities, as well as improving the process of media production on this topic.

The project has been implemented in two phases. During the first, preparatory phase, young journalists were educated and the cooperation with organizations that gathers people and students with disabilities was achieved. These organizations are Association of blind and visually impaired people from Nis, Association Per.Art from Novi Sad, Novi Sad Association of Students with Disabilities and the Association of Blind people Vojvodina.

During the production phase journalism students wrote synopsis, and then with the help of director and editor from NSSJ created 3 TV reports. All media outputs were broadcasted on 10 local and regional TV stations and web portals: TV Bаčkа (Vrbаs), RTV VK Mediа (Kikindа), RTV Kаnаl M (Pаrаćin), RTV Kuršumlijа, TV Rubin (Kikindа), RTV YU ECO (Suboticа), TV Bаnаt (Vršаc), Bаnker televizijа (Niš), TV Kаnаl 25 (Odžаci), kao i – Studentski dnevni list, Niš. A total of 99 minutes of program aired for the first time.

Project coordinator from NSSJ: Kristina Koprivica,

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