Culture through the eye of the media

(Provincial Secretariat of Culture and Public Information, June – December 2013)

The main objective of the project was to identify the situation in reporting on cultural topics at Radio Television of Vojvodina and other Vojvodinian radio stations, with an emphasis on interculturalism, by using quantitative and qualitative analysis of media content, and finding and promoting good practices. In 2013 we monitor the content about cultural topics on the public media service of Vojvodina and a few multilingual radio stations on the territory of Vojvodina.

The corpus has included TV and radio shows about cultural topics and in-depth interviews with the editors of the cultural programs.

The monitoring results are published on the Novi Sad School of Journalism website. Results of the monitoring that are made within the framework of the project “Culture through the eye of the media” are incorporated into the big reporting on media freedom and transparency within the project “Media Observatory”.

Project coordinator from NSSJ: Marina Grnja,

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