LADIES DIARY OF CHANGE – active ladies in peace dialogue

(European Commission, Civil Society Facility; Balkan Trust for Democracy; Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information, December 2011 – May 2013)

The project LADIES DIARY OF CHANGE- active ladies in peace dialogue had the main goal to empower young women in the Balkans in order to teach them how to take active roles in decision-making processes, dialogue and reconciliation processes in the region. The project was international and was implemented in Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Greece. Our partners were the Women’s Association Aureola from Kosovo, the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy from Greece, and the Montenegro Media Institute from Montenegro.

In this particular case, the project LADIES DIARY OF CHANGE- active ladies in peace dialogue enabled young women and men of Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro, supported by the Greek model of good practice, to participate in the social and political life in their communities by using the skills needed for turning their ideas into concrete initiatives and prepare them for decision-making roles in the dialogue and reconciliation processes in the region. We built a network of associated organizations that already deal with the topic of empowerment of youth and women.

Activities of this project were divided into 3 phases. The first one was an educational phase that included trainings, seminars and a study visit. The Second phase was making of the publication Ladies Diary of Change that is custom-designed and have a set of questions and answers on various topics, that is consisted of small info-articles about project activities; ways to use the knowledge and information for personal usage; photos; small interviews; handouts; own ideas, project ideas, recommendations, contacts, views in the form of reports by the participants and serve as a unique tangible result of the project. The third phase lasted throughout the project and included making of the project documentary that is produced by NSSJ. The project documentary is unique 15 minutes video made of best-of moments from the project. The film was distributed to all media partners of NSSJ, through the Media Exchange Database.

Project coordinator from NSSJ: Marina Grnja,

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