Young female politicians for healthy environment

(Friedrich Ebert Foundation, April – June 2012)

The project “Young female politicians for a healthy environment” was implemented in order to promote ideas, work and character of young female politicians from social-democratic parties and to present their proposals for resolving the major environmental problems of organized waste disposal.

At the roundtable, which was held on April 18th 2012 in Novi Sad School of Journalism, participated candidates for local, provincial and central government and the parliamentary elections that were on the lists of social democratic Parties (DS, LSV, SDU, PLC, SDP) as well as the LDP and URS. At this meeting the young female politicians presented their solutions for the major environmental problems in Serbia. Participants were specifically requested from the municipalities in which the problems of waste disposal are severe. These municipalities are the City of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kikinda, Zrenjanin, Pancevo, Sremska Mitrovica and Vrbas. For each of the problems that were discussed at the roundtable, several solutions were presented.

This roundtable was also the occasion for a creation of 15 minutes documentary film, aimed to raise public awareness on environmental issues and on the importance of women’s political activism.  Duringthe election campaign, all parties are addressing women, but only a few voters are aware of the importance of women’s role in politics. Our intention was to, by following the activism of female politicians, make politician itself known to the general public. That is why we have put the figures of women who are on the electoral lists in the focus of our film.

In addition to the project, a debate competition was organized. Media students at Faculty of Philosohpy in Novi Sad made debate teams and their asignment was to prepare arguments FOR and AGAINTS the topic “Female politicans can solve the problem of waste better than male politicans”. The competition was recorded and the parts of the debate became part of the documentary.

Project coordinator from NSSJ: Marina Grnja,

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