Monitoring of election campaign in media 2012th

(Provincial Secretariat of Culture and Public Information, the Open Society Foundation; April – October 2012)

Media Monitoring in Serbia during the 2012 election campaign was aimed to determine to what extent specific program standards established for public broadcasters and other media were met, respect for the principles of impartiality and objectivity in dealing with different interests and different political entities, commitment to freedom and expression of pluralism of public opinion, the expression of cultural identity of minority ethnic communities, with additional emphasis on gender equality, as well as broadcast of media content on the activities of civil associations and non-governmental organizations and the use and development of modern technological standards for the production and broadcasting. In addition, the project goal was also to observe how new media technologies directly influence the social change with a focus on social networks and websites of political parties in the context of the electoral process. Upon completion of the monitoring, the research results were publicly presented and publication Who has been chosen by the Media…. And what did the parties offered? was published.

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