Minority Integration Network – MINTEGNET

(Balkan Trust for Democracy, 15.07.2014 – 15.03.2015)

Novi Sad School of Journalisam and the Serb National Council are implementing the project “Minority Integration Network – MINTEGNET” with the financial support of the Balkan Trust for Democracy.

The main objective is to support the implementation of laws and bilateral agreements related to Croat ethnic minorities in Serbia and Serb ethnic minority in Croatia that will lead to safe, accepting and tolerant society by enhancing the communication and dialogue among members of minorities of two countries as well as their communication with the majority population, preparing them for taking active role in civil and political life on local, regional and national level and to improve their position in the society.

More specifically, this project aims to increase the communication between the young representatives of two minority population by enhancing and opening channels for their future cooperation.

The project is composed of three major phases: recruitment, education and activism. Group of 20 young men and women from Serbia and Croatia, selected in an open call for participants will be gathered on 3 occasions for four-day training sessions, which all will be held by experts from Serbia and Croatia for public and political issues.

Two groups from Croat national minority in Serbia and two groups from Serb minority in Croatia will be awarded with funds for the design and the implementation of the actions in their local communities with the assistance of the experts.

Project Coordinator of the NSSJ: Tijana Femić, tijana@novinarska-skola.org.rs.

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