Media monitoring of public service broadcasters 2015/2016

Open society foundation
1.12. 2015. – 30. 09. 2016.
The new Law on Public Service Broadcasting (2014) requires that the Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) and Radio Television of Vojvodina (RTV), as the media established by citizens, funded by citizens and controlled by citizens, realize public interest through its informative, educational and entitlement programming. The aim of this project is to determine how and to what extent Radio Television of Vojvodina and Radio Television Serbia are realizing the Law defined public interest. In addition it will be determined to what extent the public service broadcasters are fulfilling their legal obligation to take care of socially vulnerable groups in meeting their needs to inform all sections of society without discrimination, and to what extent they are realizing their legal principles of operation, such as the independence of editorial policy and other principles of independence in relation to the economic and political power centers.
The central activity of the project is six month research of media content of TV and radio programs of RTS and RTV, and independently from that, the RTV Studio B, B92, TV Prva and TV Pink in Serbian and languages of national minorities. During the research, trained team of monitors will use a method of quantitative content analysis and critical analysis of media discourse. Meetings with management representatives, research centres and the editorial teams of public service broadcasters will be organized during the project realization in order to improve the achievement of program functions in accordance with the law.
The research results will be published in a publication that will be presented to directors of public service broadcasters, editors and journalists, as well as all relevant stakeholders in the media sector.
The project is funded by the Open Society Foundation
Project coordinator: Marina Kovačev,

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