Danube Women City Guide

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Supported by the Baden-Württemberg Foundation
March 2017 – July 2018

The aim of the project is to strengthen the visibility of women’s history in Danube cities in five countries: Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Romania, bringing attention to their historical past and disseminate this knowledge widely. Aim is also to encourage the exchange of information and knowledge about women’s history in cities in the Danube region and to promote gender equality and a better understanding of cultural similarities and diversity in the Danube region.

Project coordinator is Centre for General Scientific Education ZAWIW, University of Ulm and the partners are Danube Connects (Ulm, Germany), The World of NGOs (Vienna, Austria), Asociatia Pro Democratia (Bucarest, Romania), Bupap (Budapest, Hungary) and Novi Sad School of Journalism (Novi Sad, Serbia).

Within this project, NSSJ is going to organize a Women city tour through Novi Sad, publish articles about important women and their rights at the project’s website, organize quiz on women’s history and participate in the presentation of this project at the Danube Festival in Ulm 2018.

Foundation NS2021, which is coordinating the project Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture in 2021 is supporting this project and its implementation on the local level.

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