Debanking Misinformation


Project duration: January – December 2017
Financial support: Ministry of foreign affairs of Check Republic

Novi Sad School of Journalism has started implementing the project “Debanking Misinformation” in cooperation with “Transitions” organization from the Czech Republic.
The main objective of the project is to built local capacity in Serbia to combat media propaganda and misinformation in the public sphere. Building local capacity will be realized through education for educators in media field.

During project implementation two educational modules will be organized, whose participants will be educators who are already working in educational institutions, media centers, civil society organizations and educators who are not necessarily employed in institutions, which are engaged in the realm of media. The first educational module will be held in May in Prague (Czech Republic),and second module will be held in September, Novi Sad.

Selection of project participants will be carried out based on their competence and experience. The call for project participant will be public and published on Novi Sad School of Journalism website.
Apart from educational modules, one of the the main activities on this project will be the adaption of existing educational software which will be used by project participants in their future educational practice. This software is already in use in the Czech Republic and it has proved to be an excellent educational tool so far.

This project is financially supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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