The Novi Sad School of Journalism is a civil society organization, founded in 1996 and is very experienced in advocacy in the field of promotion of human rights and democratic reforms as well as in education of journalists.

NSSJ fields of activities are communications strategies, civic actions aimed at putting social problems on the public agenda, advocacy,  democratization of civil society and the affirmation of European integration.

We have had successful cooperation on our projects with the City of Novi Sad, the Assembly of the Autonomus Province of Vojvodina, the Ministry of Culture and Media of Republic of Serbia, the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the European Agency for Reconstruction, with the Central European Initiative, National Endowment for Democracy, Olof Palme International Centre, Embassy of the United States, USAID, Fund for an Open Society, Norwegian People’s Aid, The German Marshal Fund, British Council, Danish School of Journalism, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Fridrih Ebert Stiftung, OSCE, American Bar Association, Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Ecumenical Humanitarian Organization, CeSID, European Movement for Serbia, Civil Initiatives, Humanitarian Law Centre, SOS “Children’s Village “, NGO New Horizon – Ulcinj, Media Plan – Sarajevo, STINA News agency – Split, ACCESS – Sofia and many CSO’s, institutions, foundations and media from all over Europe.

Up until 2007, the core activity of the NSSJ was the education of media workers, and over time, it has developed into a modern, educational information centre for all professions that are working in the field on communication in its widest sense, for representatives of information providing services, of state institutions and representatives of the civil society.

The Novi Sad School of Journalism is a member of the South Eastern European Network  for Professionalization of Media. The network promotes excellence in journalism through policy initiatives, research and training. The SEENPM unites fifteen non-for-profit media centres from eleven South East European and neighbouring countries. Its activities are based on the belief that joint commitment and cooperation are pivotal to the development of independent media, the strengthening of relations among journalists, and overall progress in the region.

Previous initiatives of NSSJ included strengthening of civic activism and preparing young people to participate in decision making processes. Our participants acquire knowledge and skills for communication without ethnic, religious, sexual, or racial discrimination. Our guidelines are European integration, civil society, social action, democratization.